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Yoga Belt Effect
Jul 09, 2018

1.1, the waist has a role of pressure. Apply pressure to the muscles, adjust the balance of exercise and stress, strengthen muscle strength to a certain extent, reduce swelling, muscles are stimulated during exercise, and proper pressure can help make exercise easier and more powerful.

1.2, the waist has a supporting role. The harder waistband can provide some support during the exercise, support the oversized waist, relieve the muscles, and protect the waist from sprains or soreness.

1.3, the waist has a role of insulation. The double or multi-layer material has a softer and more comfortable waist. The thermal insulation of the waist can effectively maintain the waist temperature, speed up blood circulation, and prevent some cold and stomach discomfort.

1.4, the waist has the role of body sculpting. In the exercise related to the waist, the pressure-absorbing and heat-absorbing waist can accelerate the decomposition of fat, which is an essential protective gear for waist fitness.

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