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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using A Dog Collar?
Jul 09, 2018

The tightness of the collar is also very particular. If the collar is worn too tightly, the dog will not breathe smoothly, the blood will not circulate, and the dog's beautiful hair knot will not be easy to comb; if it is too loose, the dog will definitely not Willing to be bound, it also desires freedom, it will try to break free. Therefore, the tightness of the collar is also scaled, and the majority of dog friends should also pay attention.

Also need to pay attention to ensure the cleanliness of the collar. Because the collar is a must-have for dogs every day, but also close contact with the skin and hair. Collars of different materials will have different bacteria. In order to prevent the skin of dogs, the hair is infected with bacteria and the chance of skin disease is renewed. We must disinfect the collar regularly and clean it.

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