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The Role Of The Headband
Jul 09, 2018

Also known as the sports headband; the original role of the headband is to fix the hair, prevent the hair from covering the eyes, and prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes. The headband has a delicate and soft appearance, good breathability and strong sweat absorption. It is especially suitable for people in sports and fitness. It is an excellent sports article, headwear, and can be embroidered on the top of the logo and customer-designated LOGO. It is an ideal advertising promotional gift, and can be customized according to customer needs.

In the sport of mountaineering and cross-country, due to the strenuous exercise, the head of the human body will be hot and sweaty, which is very different from the outside temperature. At this time, the hat will feel stuffy and hot, without a hat, it will be easy to catch a cold because of the cold wind. It is a good fit to tie the headband to the forehead, which is both a warm and cold-proof effect and a good ornament.

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