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The CN-US Trade Dispute Has Affected The Cotton Market
Jul 16, 2018

According to statistics, China imported 1.15 million tons of cotton in 2017, of which 505,300 tons came from the United States, accounting for 44%.

It can be said that China and the United States are important partners in cotton trade, and the United States will directly harm its own economic interests by stirring up trade disputes.

China's imposition of a 25 per cent tariff on cotton originating in the us has already had a big impact in the us.

About 60 percent of the cotton produced by the American farm company bowers is sold to China.The company's President and CEO, cannon Michael, said some traders had pulled out of the cotton market because of the sino-us trade dispute."Any interference in the trade sector has potentially negative effects, especially in states like California that export a lot of agricultural products," he said.

Industry analysis, China to the United States cotton tariffs, good for other countries to China's cotton exports.In addition to American cotton, Chinese companies can also choose Australian cotton, Indian cotton, black cotton, Brazilian cotton and transshipment American cotton.

"China's demand is huge and it's a good opportunity for India to expand exports," said artur ganatra, President of the Indian cotton association.India's cotton exports to China are likely to surge to 5 million bales in 2018/19, or about 850,000 tons, a five-fold increase from 2017/2018, according to the Indian cotton association, investment institutions and cotton-related enterprises.

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