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Rock Climbing Shackle Shape And Style
Jul 09, 2018

1O-shaped shackle: Symmetrical shape, extremely versatile and very popular.

2D shackle: stronger than o-shaped shackle for general use.

Hook shackle: The shackle of the bend must be easily flipped with the belt loop and is generally used for difficult climbing routes.

Wire gate shackle: light weight and stable opening.

Locking hook ring: The open end is provided with a locking sleeve to be screwed to reduce the possibility of accidental opening of the opening, adding safety, and is divided into an automatic lock and a manual lock hook ring.

Pear-shaped nail-locking shackle: It is particularly long at the open end, which is more suitable for Italian half-buckle to ensure and use on the coupling rope and seat belt.

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