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Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Selection Method
Jul 09, 2018

1. First of all, we must look for products with the trademark number produced by regular manufacturers.

2, look at the product's outer packaging material, some counterfeit products use a transparent bag, this is definitely a fake, because the essential oil will lose some of its role in the sun for a long time, so the formal product, in order to ensure the transportation and sales process is not The loss is definitely the opaque aluminum foil bag used.

3, is to see the effect of printing on the outer bag, the genuine goods are printed clearly, the color is full, the color of the fake is dim, and even the ghosting feeling.

4, look at the product, genuine goods on the product will have a clear brand imprint, this is a sense of concavity, and the bumpy feel of the goods is very poor, or even the effect of printing; there is the bayonet, the genuine cargo bayonet With a clear shield, the fakes have a poor effect and are rough and rough.

5, product quality depends on whether the product is greasy, the real good product is dry after opening, and the inferior product will have a greasy feeling, sometimes it will stain the clothes.

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