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Hand With Related Knowledge
Jul 09, 2018

That is the wristband. The sports hand strap is a charm made of silicone that is worn on the forearm. This strap is usually printed with English words or words and dyed in a variety of vivid colors.

Most of the sports hand straps have no practical use, just a fashion accessory. The message from the English words or words on this hand strap usually reflects the beliefs and values of wearing people.

I believe that the cloth wristband evolved. The early rubber hand straps were used by very few people. They were mainly used for identification or as proof of admission. In early 2005, a small number of charities sold their hand straps with special words. To raise funds, but the effect is average. Until the middle of 2005, the rubber hand belt was promoted by celebrities from all walks of life to become the most popular accessories.

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