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Chinese Textile Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Development Strategy Research
Jul 16, 2018

"Chinese textile industry intelligent manufacturing development strategy research" project outcome conference was held in Beijing.The key consulting research project, led by many academicians of Chinese academy of engineering, for the next five years to ten years in our country textile industry to the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, provide strategic support to realize high quality development.

Chinese academy of engineering jin-liang sun introduced in 2016, the Chinese academy of engineering to set up and start the implementation of "intelligent manufacturing textile industry development strategy research in China" consulting research project, project study lasted more than two years to complete a comprehensive combed the textile industry in China advantages and new challenges and new opportunities, compared the intelligent manufacturing textile industry development at home and abroad, on the basis of practical research, proposed our country textile industry eight direction in the field of intelligent manufacturing three key development tasks and path, has been clear about the smart textile industry in China in the next five years to 10 years manufacturing development strategy and target.

According to the report analysis, intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry can be divided into three major technical fields, namely new intelligent manufacturing model, intelligent textile equipment, common technology and standards, and intelligent textile materials.At the same time, on this basis, combing out the textile industry in China the eight key technical direction of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing standard and common technology, namely textile smart textile equipment, chemical fiber smart manufacturing plant (factory), textile processing (factory), dyeing and finishing processing intelligence intelligent workshop (factory), intelligent garment design and processing, textile manufacturing and service network collaborative manufacturing, and smart textile material.

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