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Analysis On How To Apply Plastic Hooks
Jul 09, 2018

The suction cup hook always encounters the problem of falling when it is used. Here are some useful ways to make the suction cup hook more robust.

1. You can use a cotton swab to spread the egg white evenly onto the suction cup, then stick it to the tile or glass, and then hang the heavy object after it is completely dry.

2, the suction cup does not apply some soapy water, and then stick to the wall, it will be more robust.

3, the reinforced suction cup can also be applied to the suction cup and a little bit of skin oil, put it on the wall and put it for one day.

4, put the plastic suction cup in hot water for 10 seconds to take out, can also play the role of reinforcement hook.

5, there is a simpler method, drop some water in the suction cup, sensitively stick the suction cup to the plane.

The above several small methods are better. Here, we are reminded that it is best to clean the wall or mirror in advance, and when the suction cup is bonded, press it from the center to the periphery, so that the air in the suction cup is better squeezed. Out, make the hook bond strong.

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