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Some fitness equipment
Nov 17, 2018
  1. Gloves

fitness gloves

Gloves should be said to be the most well-known fitness equipment. In the gym, you can often see the gymnast wearing gloves. Its function is not necessary to say that it can play a certain anti-slip effect, and it is not easy to grind the hand.

2.Wrist wraps

Fitness wrist wrap

are used to support your wrist joints during weight lifting. Bodybuilders typically use wrist wraps when performing pressing or pushing exercises. Exercises like the bench press force the wrists to bear a lot of weight, and wrist wraps will support the wrists and reduce strain.[1] To use wrist wraps correctly, you ll need to put them on snugly so they fully support your wrists. Then, perform pushing or lifting exercises that require a straight wrist.

3.Knee support brace

knee protector

fitness knee protector

Knee pads are designed to protect the front side of your knee cap by cushioning the area where your knee will make contact with the surface you are kneeling on.

By softening the impact of kneeling on a solid surface with gel and foam, knee pads keep knees healthy.

Knee pads are worn on the knee region of the body and are held in place with either a single or double straps. They loop around the knee and meet on the other end. They are held in place by either velcro or a buckle system.

Knee pads are usually the most comfortable and stay in place when you wear long trousers or pants.

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