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Daily fitness tools
Nov 30, 2018

waist trimmer

e are a number of modern fashions that resemble the styles of the past, from wide elastic belts to actual modern corsets. The trend and styling of these belts moves rather quickly but the basic design remains the same: elastic in the back with some sort of closure in the front meant to define the waist or accent an outfit.

The more traditional boned styles of corset still exist in modern corset making. The corset styles that best represent this classic waist cincher fashion are 'Spanish belts' that can also come with elastic in the back, and act very much like the more modern belt-like styles.

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resistance bands

Typically the bands are colour coded to show different levels of resistance and users need to select an appropriate level. Code colours can vary between brands so users must pick an appropriate level if purchasing their own bands rather than relying just on colour.

Also available are loop bands as well as tubing without handles and bands set up with handles [a common option for many purchasers]. Some types allow handles to be clipped on the band or loop.

Resistance bands are simple to use and their light weight allows people to easily carry them if travelling and continue with routine sessions for strength training.

While there are many different forms of exercises for the band/ loops, the resistance of the band as well as number of repetitions are the main variables used to lower or increase the intensity of the workout.

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ankle straps

a garment that is worn around the ankle to protect it or for immobilization while allowing it to heal from sprains and other minor injuries. Ankle braces are used to immobilize the joint while providing heat and compression to the bones. They are common in injury rehabilitation processes that affect the ankle, being made of rigid fabric such nylon and neoprene that allow limited mobility of the foot and conform to the ankle by a hook and loop fastener. To ensure its fixation, the foot portion may include metal pieces. In severe cases, they incorporate metallic plates to better immobilize the joint.

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