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Application adhesive hook & loop
Sep 22, 2018

1-Hang your phone or tablet from a wall, cabinet, or back of a car seat.

Whenever you're tired of holding the tablet or the stand just isn't working out, place one side hook&loop on the back of your device.

(2 strips usually does the trick) and then stick the other side to the place you'd like to hang it from.

Now when you're cooking you have what need right in the front of you without worrying about dropping ingredients on the tablet.

adhesive hook&loop440.jpg

2-Keep Cups handy on the wall with hook&loop

After washing what seems like a million cups each day, you're given up in telling people to reuse their cups. But stick them to the fridge with hook&loop it's fun easy fix for people.

Now they'll see the cup and have quick access.

Just remember to have them place it back on the wall when they're done!

adhesive hook&loop793.jpg

3-Use hook&loop to attach remotes to the side of the television or coffee table.

Television remotes have an uncanny ability to disappear between cushions or under the couch.

Place one long strip of hook&loop on the back of your remote and the other side of the velcro on the device where you'd like to hang the remote.

It's an easy fix that will save you a lot of headaches.

adhesive hook&loop1174.jpg

4-Attach an organizer to the inside of a cabinet door. Have too many organizers to fit in the actual cabinet? Save some space and attach the organizer to the inside of the door.

First, find the organizer you'd like to attach to the inside of the door.

It can be anything that you'd like to attach a small basket or item to hold something.

Use the hook&loop to attach the organizer, and you instantly have more cabinet space!

adhesive hook&loop1605.jpg

5-Picture hanging. one of the best ways to ensure that when the door is slammed, your hanging photos don't all droop to the side is by hanging them with hook&loop instead of nails in the wall. This is also a great way to protect the sheetrock from unwanted holes and chipping. Just be sure to use enough hook&loop(or good enough hook&loop) to secure your picture frames.

adhesive hook&loop1979.jpg


You can also buy Yidaco brand sticky back hook&loop cions.

The 20mm size is perfect for peeling and sticking for small objects like pens or labels.

Fasten your cooking utensils to the wall or use these small coin-sized hook&loop tabes to mount your cell phone to your dash.

Get there in black or white or colorfull

adhesive hook&loop2310.jpg

adhesive hook&loop2312.jpg

This Yidaco Brand sticky back hook&loop comes on a roll at 20mm wide. 

Select a color and get this easy-to-use product.

It's for indoor or outdoor use and is offered in an array of colors.

Cut sizes needed from this handy roll of hook&loop.

adhesive hook&loop2557.jpg

Yidaco brand also offers this pack of 20mm*100mm hook&loop strips.

The strips can go a long way when you're wrapping cords and condensing things. These are durable and strong, offering strong holding power. Offered 

adhesive hook&loop2777.jpg

adhesive hook&loop3132.jpg

Keep rugs in place by attaching hook&loop to the bottom of the rug and floor. if you have cloth rugs that tend to move around on a slick floor, fasten them down with a few small strips of the hook&loop.

Just a small piece each corner should hold the rugs in place well.

The great thing is it will be totally unseen and your rugs will stay in place.

adhesive hook&loop3133.jpg

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